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Wizard’s e-Procurement Suite dramatically cuts down time & effort required to complete the procurement activities. It also enhances overall transparency of procurement process. This results in automation of various manual processes and paperwork resulting in saving of time & cost. This application is capable to be integrated with ERP, SAP, MRP, SMS Gateway, Payment Gateway, Cloud or any third-party tool. Our System is capable of handling 700 vendors in single event.


  • Sanction Requests (Workflow). :
    Sanction requests can be made through the application. Like approvals, work delegations can be made hierarchy or/and financial value based
  • Simultaneous Opening of Quotations :
    All the quotes can be opened simultaneously and processed for evaluation. For instance, managers can analyse reports of multiple vendors on volume purchases and spending patterns simultaneously
  • Different Types of Reports :
    Different types of reports can be generated for further calculation and evaluation
  • Multiple User Login :
    No user Restriction, “x” number of users can login at the same time. Can also enable mandatory logins of key personnel to view the results/reports of any procurement event
  • Automatic Report Generation :
    Auto generated Comparative report reduces the tedious task of comparison. Competitive pricing resultant to greater savings & reports would be generated automatically. Negotiated prices are also captured resulting into calculation of savings.
  • Excel upload and Download :
    A key feature which reduces tiresome task of filling online quotations. A user can upload/download the forms into the system through Microsoft Excel sheet
  • Audit Trail :
    Every step of the business transaction is now documented and recorded which can be fetched and viewed via “Audit Trail Report”.
  • Attachment upload :
    Provision to upload important files of various types and sizes into the system. It works like any email attachment which can be uploaded into the system which gets stored for future archival. It can be used for evaluation as a reference.