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Wizard’s e Agriculture is an integrated software solution to manage arable farming, horticulture, plantation, floriculture, hydroponics and contract farming. It helps to improve the operational efficiency, optimize the resources and practice scientific agriculture in order to achieve profitability, productivity and sustainability.


  • Maintenance of traceability of all materials used during the production
  • Recall from inventory/material type
  • Recall from crop, site, plot, farm, site, pivot
  • Recall from employee exposure
  • Report on materials used on a particular crop, plot, site, pivot or farm
  • Make audits a breeze, and impress customers with accurate and instant traceability and recall processes.
  • Schedule of farm operations – crop wise, pivot wise, plot wise
  • Task allotment and monitoring
  • Daily production record keeping
  • Keep track of planting – cultivation - harvesting – post harvest – packaging-sales.
  • Strong reports and analytics module which simplifies Quality certification documentation.
  • Cost Control :
    o Monitor production costs on daily basis o Compare actual performance with estimations
  • Operational Management :
    o Schedule and monitor staff/labor activities o Process and staff management o Comprehensive inventory management o High levels of farm traceability
  • Business Improvement and Analysis :
    o Comprehensive analysis and reporting tool o Perpetual process improvement o Cost and profit reporting
  • Integrate with Financial Package :
    o General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Account Receivable o Accounts management, Project costing, Returns o Profit and Loss