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Wizard’s PMIS implementation practice serves its clients in a wide range of Port Management Solutions which run on web based platform for complete operational management of ports and terminals. The Wizard’s expertise covers vessel, cargo and resources movement activities from end to end. Wizard has the requisite business focus, the domain expertise and the focus on consulting services to provide the right capability services

    Ports face several new challenges requiring them to meet:

  • Demands for sophisticated data communication solutions
  • Freight flow volume


  • Dashboards and Reports. :
    PMIS has a home page displaying the dashboards and action items for users. Additionally it will also have links to FAQs, Terms and Conditions and Contact Us pages. It has extensive reporting and easy to navigate and drill down dashboard with pie charts, bar graphs, line graphs and more
  • Port Traffic Management :
    Aspects covering vessel sea side and navigational operations from arrival to departure
  • Terminal Management :
    Aspects covering cargo operations from vessel arrival and departure from berth
  • Electronic Data Capture Management :
    RFID, GPS, Biometrics etc.
  • Agent Registration, Verification and Approval :
    PMIS allows business to register, create account and apply via online application form as agent and will have a login id
  • Vendor Management :
    Vendor management is a complex process. To simplify this enormous task, Wizard creates a simple, but powerful software to manage, monitor and utilize vendors in an efficient way.
  • Voyage Management :
    This is a full-featured window based application for all types of vessels including various reports generation as well as a proper Web based application for shore. This system offers the ship staff a powerful tool to keep track of Voyage position, environmental details and many more. This associates events to provide the required elements to track each event. It has client-server architecture with desktop version for onboard vessels & web version for office, with email based data interchange between them
  • Vehicle Tracking System :
    Vehicle tracking system is an advanced product which is used to track the movement of any automobile in real time. Tracking and managing the movement of the vehicle can be done synchronously.
  • Document Management :
    Document Management System is a web based online document management application which can store documents in editable and non-editable formats with ability for work flow processes for a paperless office. It can also be used by shipping companies on board vessels. The ship and shore-staff could have ready access to updated changes in manuals and a procedure, so adopting an online management system is imperative. This software features the newest technologies and has an intuitive interface
  • Asset Management :
    Assets management system delivers a powerful asset hierarchy allowing ultimate flexibility in the way the assets are structured, whether that be at the group asset, complex asset, asset component or simple asset level. By providing an audit trail to track all system changes, this ensures the integrity of asset data by easily identifying any changes made or unusual activity within the asset register