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At Wizard Innovation Technologies we believe the customer comes first and strive to demonstrate this commitment across our entire organization by listening to their needs and creating solutions and services that result in long-term relationships.

Wizard AMS Services

WIZARD INNOVATIONS helps your organization minimize implementation time and reduce risk.We can help your organization minimize disruption and delays associated with the deployment of enterprise software. To achieve operational efficiency and a high return investment from new technology, private and public sector organizations turn to the Wizard team and rely on our proprietary PERFECT Path Implementation Methodology. Our technology-agnostic methodology is based on collective experience with hundreds of ERP implementations and more than 150 software solutions.Based on our vast experience in handling Application Management engagements for clients across different industry verticals, We have arrived on different AMS flexible plans for our customers.


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  • Certified project management focusing on risk, scope, cost, time and resources
  • Comprehensive process reengineering and workflow definition
  • Incorporation of LEAN methodologies, Six Sigma and other industry-specific skillsets into the overall transformation
  • Improvement of technical infrastructure